About Us

Tulashi is a holy basil and also known as” The Queen of Herbs", the most sacred herb of India. Tulashi is also the name of the grandmother of the founder.

Tulashi was started in 1992 on the Waterlooplein market. Nowadays Tulashi has a store at Haarlemmerstraat, a store at big music festival through the Benelux, in summertime a store at Waterloopleinmarket and Tulashi is doing wholesale in Nepalese industry articles.

Our Mission is to serve people selling our genuine products. We are mainly concentrate in promotion of our own country and Nepali handmade products to encourage and develop the skill as well as the lifestyle of the people from the hilly and mountainous regions from where the raw materials comes from and the people who are manufacturing those items.

Our sentiments are with fair-trade and we guarantee that no children are involved in manufacturing of our products.